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Auto Upholstery Services in Chicago, IL

In Chicago, IL, leather upholstery fabric installation for your vehicle is available from the professionals at Orlando Glass and Trim. We help people give a whole new look to their cars by reupholstering their seats. You won't believe the difference it can make! Our Chicago, IL, business offers prompt project completion and the attention to detail that provides the best possible results.

Are you happy with the way your car runs but the interior is looking worn and faded? New upholstering for your seats could be just what you need. One call to our Chicago company and you can be on your way to a fresh new look for your car's interior. We have a wide range of upholstering styles from which to choose, and we'll be happy to show you your options. When you hire us, you get:

  • A one-year guarantee
  • Fast response times and punctual service
  • Experienced upholstering professionals

If you are interested in Chicago, IL, leather upholstery fabric installation for your car's interior, come see the team at Orlando Glass and Trim. There's no reason why you should have to have stained, faded, or outdated vehicle seats when we can make them look like new again. Call our Chicago, IL, office today to schedule an appointment.